Fets Whisky Kitchen

Fets Whisky Kitchen

April 23, 2019 0 By admin

There are a bunch of whisky bars in Vancouver. The one with the best selection, and according to my opinion the nicest atmosphere and the best kitchen is definitely “Fets Whisky Kitchen”.

They have more than 1300 bottles from over 100 distilleries worldwide. The owner stopped by a few times when we visited and we chatted a little. You can tell that he is really passionate about whisky and loves his bar and what he does.

That story that happened to the bar is representative for the strict, strange and somewhat outdated customs and liquor regulations in Canada. I was visiting Vancouver for a conference and we really had to go through a huge paper work to get our demo equipment for the exhibit into the country even though it was imported from the US and not even from Europe.
Coming back to the bar, they had over 200 bottles of whisky being confiscated by the government because they bought these bottles from a local retailer. Usually they are required to buy the whisky through government owned liquor sores but these stores only offer the standard stuff. A whisky bar like them lives from having an outstanding selection that you don’t find elsewhere so they tried to use other sources which they thought to not be illegal.

Forbes articledescribes the confiscation as being ‘prohibition-style raids’. Without knowing the Canadian laws well and the reason why they are the way they are I do not want to judge what happened but the question comes to my mind if this liquor law really is 21st century style?

Never the less, should you happen to visit Vancouver and like whisky stopping by at Fets Whisky Kitchen is a must.
Enjoy a good dram and the food.

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